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KRRO Sports Wrap - Friday, February 28

by Ryder

Wild shut out Edmonton 3-0 as the return from the Olympic break. That puts Minnesota on a 3 game winning streak.

King James looked like the Dark Knight as the Heat stuck it to the Knicks 108-82 last night. It was LeBron’s first game back after breaking his nose last week and the mask he wore had the intimidating side effect of making him look like Batman.

Jeff Gordon might be my new favorite person. After a blogger accused Gordon of faking a stunt he did for a commercial that involved taking a car salesman on the scariest test drive ever… Gordon got back at the writer! Disguising himself as a cab driver and excon Gordon picked up the man and a what was supposed to be a short taxi ride turned into a high speed police pursuit. Super Troopers would have been proud.