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Science Breaks Down What Happens When You Mixed Booze and Weed:

by Ryder

Obviously, don't try this at home. Getting drunk while your stoned makes you higher says a professor from Harvard. HARVARD! Little biology course, THC and Alcohol affects the body in completely different ways; alcohol hampering motor skills like walking in a straight line and speaking without slurring. While THC messes with your cognitive abilities like sense of time or unreasonable paranoia. Still bringing the two together creates a clustercuss. Alcohol brings THC through the blood stream faster, amplifying the effects. The nerd in charge of the study says the combination isn't lethal, but users are more likely to exercise poor judgement... making things like car accident or drowning more likely. Buzz Kill.

And if that doesn't desuade you, this kinda creepy Queens of the Stone Age track might: