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Science confirms Exploding Head Syndrome is a Real Thing. Mind Blown.

by Ryder

Blow Your Mind type news Just in case this and this isn't scary enough: bring on the exploding heads. Science says Exploding Head Syndrome is a real thing, full disclosure it does not actually cause your head to blow up. It does cause you to hear explosions for no reason while transitioning between sleeping and being awake. The syndrome isn't harmful, but really annoying and probably happens when your body doesn't shut down for sleep in the proper order. Exploding Head Syndrome occurs in roughly 10 percent of people.

Since I know you're disappointed about Exploding Head Syndrome not involving actual exploding heads (or at least I was) here's a clip of pretty much every head that's even exploded on film set to AC/DC . Obviously NSFW, and don't show it to your kids. My best friend's dad did something similar to her when we were young. 20 years later... it still haunts her. Enjoy.