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ShowBUZZ: Crazy Ass Mayor Rob Ford on Jimmy Kimmel

by Ryder

Complete Rob Ford interview from Jimmy Kimmel Live. Heads up, Part 3 where Kimmel shows Mayor Ford (almost) every embarrassing moment of his life caught on cell phone camera is probably the best. 

Top 5 Things We Were Surprised to Hear Rob Ford Say:

  1. You'd be surprised how fast I can move (we actually expect crackheads to move pretty quick, Mayor)
  2. That's over a billion dollars in savings (Someone got a really go deal on Windsor).
  3. More angles than a dog's hind leg (Ruff criticism... see what we did there?).
  4. I like Bob Marley (See North Dakota? Even a boozed up drugged out Canadian can appreciate Bob Marley, what the freak is wrong with you ?).
  5. (I'd) Get all my powers back (Sure, you will).