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ShowBuzz: Quentin Tarantino Is NOT Going To Do It... AND YOU CAN'T MAKE HIM!

by Ryder

Some total j-hole leaked Quentin Tarantino's next movie script and now he's not going to make it. 

So there.

Tarantino said he gave the script to six people; including a producer from Django Unchained , Michael Madsen, whom had leading rolls in Reservoir Dogs and Kill Bill Vol II, Tim Roth who spent most of Reservoir Dogs bleeding profusely and told everyone to "be cool" during a robbery in Pulp Fiction, and Bruce Dern , who is getting a whole lot of attention from Hollywood for a kind of artsy looking movie called Nebraska (which by all accounts doesn't feature the Huskers as heavily as it should). Tarantino says he knows it wasn't Roth or his agent, he suspects it was one of Madsen's or Dern's people.

Now, The Hateful Eight, an ensemble western (the The Magnificent Seven) will be published for all to read, but won't make it to the silver screen for at least five years, if at all. Way to ruin it for everyone, Hollywood. Don't make us send Samuel L. after you.

Photo credit - By Quentin_Tarantino_and_Diane_Kruger_@_2010_Academy_Awards.jpg: Photo by Sgt. Michael Connors derivative work: SaloméW [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons