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Skinny on Dumb Starbucks

by Ryder

Not News: a dumb Starbucks opened in L.A. News: A Dumb Starbucks opened in L.A. 

Dumb Brewed Coffee, Dumb Tea, Dumb Espresso, Dumb Pastries and Dumb CDs are available. Dumb Starbucks using the rather intelligent argument that they're a work of parody art so their use of the trademark Starbucks name and logo falls under fair use laws. Despite early rumors this might be the brain child of street artist Banksy, turns out it's actually a project for comedian Nathan Fielder's Comedy Central Show Nathan for You. Dumb Starbucks in the works for Brooklyn, but the Sioux Empire is safe from moronic caffeinated beverages... for now. 

Words of Wisdom: "I want to get a Dumb Starbucks coffee cup and I want to resell it on ebay."