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South Dakota's Favorite Band is Hinder... Kinda.

by Ryder

Blogger who knows A LOT about math and music broke down every state's favorite bandSort of. Really it's more of a map about the band that we dig which doesn't seem to be as big on any other state's radar or our most distinctive artist. We proud ours is a solid rock band. Here's some highlights from the neighborhood.

South Dakota - Hinder! You know Hinder... we ran out of beer when they played the Sioux Empire Fair a few years ago.

Iowa - B.o.B. He did a song with Rivers Cuomo from Weezer. Best line: I break all the rules like Evel Knievel / It's a spectacular show / Cause my heart pumps diesel

Minnesota - Metric. They're an indie/alternative band with a cute lead singer. When they first started to get popular on college radio, this was the "big" hit. It's catchy:

North Dakota - Stone Sour. We realize North Dakota is not really in the listening area, but we wanted to post the live version of "Through Glass" anyway because it makes us smile.