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Things that Sound Dirty in Baseball, But Aren't

by Ryder

Happy Opening Day! Get ready for a season of no hitters, grand slams and sexual innuendo.

Things that Sound Dirty in Baseball, But Aren't

  1. He's got three balls on him (unless the announcer is talking about this guy )
  2. Splitter, Screwball, Spitter (Splitter?!?! I hardly know 'er)
  3. Can you believe the movement on his slider?
  4. Ooohhh, it looks like a bleeder up the middle...
  5. He's toeing the rubber
  6. Shortstop bent over and it went right between his legs!
  7. He makes it to third base on his feet (dude's got skills).
  8. He's in the hole as the pitcher takes the mound.
  9. He hadn't scored in his last 6 chances (but then he bumped into yer mom...).
  10. He strokes it over the left field bleachers.
  11. After just four men the coach is pulling him out (that guy would not make it on this list ).
  12. It's going deep... Deep... DEEP... and it's GONE!!!

And if that didn't make you giggle, here's video of someone getting hit in the junk. Bonus cool points if you can guess who: