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Tri-State Area Unites Around Complete Indifference to One Musician

by Ryder

Proud of you; South Dakota, Minnesota and EVEN YOU IOWA! The same music and math nerd who released a map with the band each state has a special place in their heart for, put out a follow up with the artist we're completely ignoring. South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa and 12 other states are NOT interested in anything R. Kelly at all. Here's why (NSFWish):

And to be perfectly honest with you, I only know this R. Kelly song because Dave Chapelle did a parody of it (Definitely NSFW):

Oh, and just to further unite us against our neighbors, turns out both North Dakota and Wisconsin have no love for Bob Marley*. What is wrong with those people?

*Fully disclosure; "Three Little Birds" kept me from having nervous breakdowns about turning in midterm papers that I'd written at 2:15 am with nothing but Diet Mountain Dew and a dial up internet connection to generate content. -ryder