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You'd Better Stink If You Want To Survive

by Ryder

A dead body by any other name, right?

Awesome Chemistry chick at Nebraska’s Doane College thinks she’s figured out how we can survive the Zombie Apocalypse. We all need to smell like death. She’s isolated a couple of chemicals that our bodies release when we start to decompose and the hope is by spraying ourselves with stink we’ll fool the zombies. 

Many recent ZomComdies think just moving and moaning will do it. Shaun of the Dead, Warm Bodies and Zombieland (RIP Bill Murray) all feature the uninfected just doing the zombie walk to escape the undead. But The Walking Dead, where we as a people turn to learn the truth about all things zombie, says you gots to smell the part! Just like Rick and Glenn (1:07 mark):

Killer spotting by io9.com