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Average Joe

On Air:
Monday - Saturday, 7pm - Midnight; Sunday, 6pm - Midnight
  • Joe grew up in a small town just south of Sioux Falls. After leaving for Iowa to finish college, Joe moved to Sioux Falls and has been planted here ever since. He’s been loitering around 103.7 KRRO in some capacity since starting as an intern the summer of 2002.

    When not out making cash to pay the bills, you can find Joe kickboxing at the gym, cruising all types of terrain in his Jeep, walking his dog or wasting countless hours button mashing his PlayStation controller. Joe is a die-hard Chicago Bears and Cubs fan. (it’s been a rough century for him) He also spends a small fortune watching UFC fights on Pay-per-View. Joe is a movie junkie and music fanatic. His all-time favorite band is TOOL.